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09 March 2009


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P. L.

I hear no one is attending his fundraisers. Even though other potential contenders like Andrew Thomas haven't announced yet, most Republicans suspect a better candidate like Thomas is coming.


Frankly I'm surprised he's even running as a Republican. He had a terrible rep in the House for voting more like a Democrat than a Republican. He's probably running out of desperation, since he's term-limited as State Superintendent and has nowhere else to go. If someone like Thomas runs, Horne will get killed in teh primary.

Tom Horne

Jordan accuses me of having voted more like a Democrat than a Republican. Actually there was a statistical study while I was in the legislature of voting records, regarding how legislators compared to each other. The closest five to me included the Republican majority leader.

I supported many bills promoted by the Center for Arizona Policy and similar organizations, including: prohibition of partial birth abortion, prohibition of adult oriented newspapers in vending machines that could be accessible to minors, censorship of computer use in libraries, having students memorize the beginning of the declaration of independence, pro law enforcement, and opposing all forms of gambling on or off the reservation. I voted for tax cuts in every category – personal income, corporate income, vehicle license, and property taxes. I also worked hard for unlimited growth of charter schools, helping to make Arizona first among 50 states in parental choice, according to the Manhatten Institute, a conservative think tank.

As state superintendent, I have championed much greater academic rigor in the classroom and accountability of schools, teachers, and students, fighting for excellence and against the mediocrity of social promotion. I singlehandedly eliminated bilingual programs, by being the first superintendent to enforce a voter passed initiative, requiring that all English language learners be immersed in English. I am the only statewide elected official to ever stand up to Tim Hogan and the Center for Law in the Public Interest, and was the only defendant to appeal a court ruling in the Flores case, where a federal judge sought to take legislative powers. This saved Arizonans $21 million in fines, where the governor and attorney general sided with the plaintiff, and I was the only one appealing the fine (successfully). The US Supreme Court, which denies 99% of petitions, granted mine and will hear argument in April on my request that the federal courts stop interfering in the Arizona education system.

I oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, which was already illegal before the bill in question, which amended that statute. As I read it now, it appears reasonable to me, so at the time there was probably a technical problem with the amendment. I vigorously defended in court the vouchers for disabled and foster children, and tangled with the Goldwater Institute because they wanted me to ignore a legal opinion of the attorney general regarding a temporary tactic, whereas I respect the limits of personal power of public officials, and felt obligated to follow an attorney general opinion until the court spoke on the matter.

In terms of political "heat", the information is incorrect, and in any case the only meaningful measurement is what happens on election day.In 2002 I won my general election race by the widest percentage of any Republican running statewide, with the exception of the Mine Inspector. In 2006, I doubled my percentage of victory in a generally poor Republican year.


Right on tom. You were the first to go after the illegals by cuttng off taxpayer funded language classes. You chopped Jamie Molera to bits on the issue and you can do the same to Lujan or any other Mexican that runs against you. You were way ahead of Thomas on this issue and deserve the credit for showing how effective running against Mexicans can be. The Republican Party owes you a lot, without you Pearce, Arpaio, and thomas would never got off the ground. Go Tom!

Quit Whining and Sing

I doubt that post was actually from Horne. Horne would not have forgotten to capitalize Declaration of Independence and misspell Manhattan. On the other hand, maybe it was him.

Horne is a political charity case...only getting support because he's a nice man and he's termed out of his current job.


If he can't even spell Manhattan Institute right, how much involvement did he really have in implementing charter schools all over Arizona (I thought Lisa Graham Keegan was the Superintendent when that happened - sounds like he's trying to take credit for what she did) And how conservative is he really if he can't even spell one of our leading think tanks correctly?

Speaks volumes that someone like that is heading public education statewide - that's why our public schools are such a mess. Now he wants to run the state's legal system? I shudder to think what he'll take credit for next, "The fedralist society, a conservative think tank, credited ME with implementing federalism in Arizona."

Libertarian Turned Hawk

It seems to me from his record, that Tom Horne is at heart a Republican with good character, as well as a social conscience. These are exactly the traits we need in our leaders (regardless of party). Being a Democrat these days is much different than just a few years ago (when things were not so polarized). I heard that Tom took something like a 90% pay cut from his successful law practice when he ran for Superintendent the first time – so that should give a clear indicator as to his motivations. Twenty four years on the school board says something too! Speaking of his misspellings, or whatever, you should hear this guy on the radio, TV, etc. He does not skip a beat, and is very consistent with the message he is delivering. I was actually amazed when I saw a TV interview of him explaining the budget, and then responding to the same unscripted questions on the radio the next day with ease. I saw something unusual with intellect there, and it is no wonder he is the school chief. I am sure if he misspelled something, he probably did not feel like spelling it (I do this sometimes, because it just does not matter if I care about something else that is more important). This is in stark contrast to Obama with a teleprompter. Check out what I am saying – this guy is Mensa or something!


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